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Are you hesitating to start piano lessons? The piano is a classic instrument that has been idolized for centuries. We all know how inspiring music can be. As Ludwig van Beethoven said, “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.” Whether you’ve been dreaming about learning how to play the piano or have been playing for decades doesn't matter. Sometimes, you need a little push to get your fingers in gear. Our Wellesley Music Studio offers piano classes for adults of all levels. If you are a beginner looking for a great instrument to start music lessons, we believe the piano is your perfect choice. 

Playing the piano can be a relaxing and rejuvenating art form with multiple benefits for your physical and mental health. It expands your emotional intelligence and allows you to meet new people. According to the Society of Neuroscience studies, scientific evidence is that musical training increases the brain's function and improves your ability to focus. Playing the piano is fun but check out everything your brain is doing at once!

• Sight-reading on the piano involves reading two lines of music, each in a different clef.

• Both hands often play intricate rhythms independently from each other.

• Very few, if any, instruments require the use of all ten fingers.

• Pianists accurately “keep time” by synthesizing and synchronizing all sensory input and motor activity. In addition, they can subdivide the beat in myriad ways. 


Music causes the brain to release dopamine – the same “feel good” chemical surging when we fall in love. Music can lower anxiety, encourage relaxation, and even lull insomniacs to sleep. Playing the piano goes beyond technique and musical enjoyment. Scientifically it has been proven that the nerve endings in each finger connect with several of the organs of our body. By playing each key, the healing of each part is stimulated.


Are you looking for piano music guidance? Your lessons will not only include the fundamentals of sight reading, technique, and theory but will also incorporate your favorite songs into your lessons. Playing the piano provides a solid musical foundation that will give you an understanding of music’s linear/melodic and vertical/harmonic elements. Age is never the limit! Repertoire: classical, popular music, film music, elements of jazz, and everything you have always wanted to play!


For more information about adult piano lessons, please call Wellesley Music Studio at (617) 755-5739

or contact us online to book a class.

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