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One of the most popular questions we hear from parents is, “How old does my child need to be to start piano lessons?” Several factors may be considered. However, because each child develops at different rates and interest does play a huge role in attention span, there is no hard-fast rule as to what age a kid needs to be to begin piano lessons! We offer piano classes for your kids at our Wellesley Music Studio starting from very early age (group music classes or private piano classes).


According to multiple studies, musical training at a young age increases language skills, cognitive function, and creative thinking well into adult years. When kids begin to play piano, different areas of their brains’ are stimulated. Piano playing requires them to coordinate multiple body parts to execute one task properly. Many studies show that learning beat patterns can improve math skills.

Do you know how playing the piano develops the brain? Music in general, but especially playing the piano, activates the brain like no other game, instrument or activity can. When playing, new neural connections are made, which has many benefits for language, learning, reading, and motor skills! Multiple areas of the brain light up when playing music. Playing the piano will trigger increased patience, concentration, and discipline in other areas of life. While your kid plays piano, he uses both hands and feet. Most of the time in our everyday activities we use them separately. 


A study found that children who play the piano have math skills significantly above their peers. As a result of piano lessons, your child will benefit from long-lasting improvements in memory, problem-solving, and language skills. Building on that understanding, the piano is one of the most effective instruments for “mental exercises.” It has 88 different keys and requires considerable multi-tasking and coordination to play with two hands. When you consider other aspects of piano playing, such as reading sheet music while maintaining posture and using the foot pedals, it’s easy to see that young pianists are getting a full brain workout!


Our fantastic music expert Irina Y. Gelman teaches a variety of styles from classical to popular music. Enrollment is ongoing, so your child can start piano lessons as early as next week. Please encourage your children to play the piano and help them learn.


For more information about adult piano lessons, please call Wellesley Music Studio at (617) 755-5739

or contact us online to book a class.

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